TRUE STORIES is a web-based documentary series by Lea Becker.

Each episode is the favourite anecdote of a different story teller. The protagonists are ordinary people of every age and origin. Each season has a different focus, like a city, a country or a common theme.

With almost 100 episodes online to date, the collection grows steadily – revisit the site regularly to discover new stories.

The project started with a season in New York City, filmed by Lea Becker and Vera Brückner with the support of the University of Television and Film Munich and the Heinrich Böll Foundation.

Lea Becker was subsequently awarded the year-long Media Arts Scholarship of the University of Television and Film Munich to create a season in Munich, as well as a season focusing on work, which she developed in collaboration with Rodolfo Silveira.

There is so much to discover! Fancy a trip around the world? Watch the seasons filmed in Japan and Berlin! Interested in the film industry? Check out the season for the Munich Film Festival! Wanna listen to stories by international authors? Dive into the season for the Munich Literature Festival! Interested in the wisdom of the young? Watch stories told by kids!


If you have an anecdote which is particularly memorable to you and you’d like to share it with a wider audience, contact me! With this project, I want to document unheard stories of people who share a city as their home, no matter where they might originally come from.

No need to be a pro, no matter your age, whatever your language – you enjoy telling stories? I’d love to come by and collect it.


Would you like me to come to your city and document some TRUE STORIES? The idea behind this web-based series is to build a catalogue of stories by people who have one thing in common: The city they live in!

I want to strengthen the community by exposing viewers to their fellow city inhabitants. I want to increase people’s understanding for their urban neighbours by sharing unheard stories.




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